Needs of non-citizen spouses

THE foreign Spouses guide group is disheartened by way of the assertion made by using the Housing and local government Minister that “proprietors of humans’s Housing undertaking (PPR) units need to evict their ‘overseas’ tenants inside 90 days” (Malay Mail on-line, June 5).

This became intently accompanied with the aid of Penang leader minister Chow Kon Yeow’s announcement, “Evicted residents now not qualified to live there” (The megastar, June 6; on line at inside the information of the statement, the leader minister simply points out the “foreign spouses” category of tenants.

We remember the fact that one of the families that has been evicted from the PPR flats accommodates a Malaysian married to a overseas partner, with a Malaysian toddler. Isn’t there a more humane manner to address the problem in place of have them evicted?

Please amend the policy on PPR apartments to deal with such families. On a yearly basis, there are an expected a hundred,000 Mal…

The national language is still relevant

MALAYSIANS must fortify their Bahasa Melayu’s proficiency due to the fact it's far our country wide language considering that independence. If we can not master our very own national language how do you count on to analyze different languages as well?

recently, i've visible human beings on Twitter debating the issue of using Bahasa Melayu in our day by day lives, with some of them thinking the cost of doing so or even belittling the practice. Ridiculously, some of them even stated “Bahasa is handiest for uneducated humans”, “Bahasa is best for village people” while others even bragged that mastering it's going to best make us outdated. sincerely, i'm very upset by way of such sentiments.

it is the sort of disgrace, specially whilst it's far Malay people who are thinking their very own language. significantly, what has got into those people’s minds?

I understand that most people are multilingual, and there may be nothing wrong with that. we are loose to examine othe…

Exemption for PTPTN loan repayment

WE consult with “7339ff1fc90882f8f31ca1efdd2ac191 honours graduate pressured to pay PTPTN mortgage” by way of Malaysian2, Batu Caves, Selangor, published inside the superstar’s letters web page on June 6.

beneath the present day coverage, borrowers who reap a Bachelor’s degree with 7339ff1fc90882f8f31ca1efdd2ac191 honours might be exempted from repaying their national better education Fund company (PTPTN) mortgage if they fulfil the following phrases and conditions:

i) Enrolled in full-time publications;

ii) efficiently finished the route in the stipulated length in the PTPTN mortgage offer file;

photograph: https://content,Int_Tech_Telco_Cellular_WirelessDevices,Demo_AffluentAudience,Int_Business_Finance_PersonalFinancing,Int_Tech_Telco,Int_Business_Finance,all,Int_Sports

iv) The completed software is submitted to PTPTN inside 365 days from the graduation date;

v) course taken at the IPTS (private better learning…

Let’s hear it for the boys

WE live in a special time, when we're lucky enough to look fathers rising to the venture of being better dads, present day mother and father, free from the stereotypes of yesteryear and extra interested in making actual connections with their little children.

each from time to time, you’ll risk upon a YouTube video or a facebook post with the intention to heat the cockles of your heart – a dad doing some thing whimsical for his child like braiding her hair ( or becoming a member of a troupe of tutu clad ballerinas on degree due to the fact his little one has degree fright ( – and you suspect to yourself, wow, a few fathers have come an extended manner.

these movies went viral soon once they were published, lending help to the belief that nowadays’s era appreciates fathers who're embracing the caregiving position.

long gone are the days whilst dads have been the stoic, competitive, stern authoritarians of hearth and dome…

Sexual guide to fatherhood

am desperate to come to be a faover the counterr and have study numerous of your preceding articles highlighting over-the-counter difficulty of fertility.

My wife and that i are each in our overdue 30s and we were trying consistently to have a toddler but over-the-counterre appears to be no beneficial outcome.

We have been to over-the-counter doctors, who have assessed each of us, and have been advised that we had been in correct order.

seemingly my sperm quality is most desirable, but can be better. I don’t even recognise what which means. 

a few doctors even noted that i have tried too tough and too commonly.

Can an excessive amount of intercourse decreases over the counter chances of pregnancy?

over-the-counter spirit over the counter’s Day on Sunday, I want to place Dr G instantaneous for a sexual manual to faover the counterrhood. 

I would really like to realize what is the choicest satisfactory of sperm? except, how frequently need to one have sex to increase over the counter po…

Looking East with a twist

prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (p.c) has announced that Malaysia is renewing, or to be extra precise, upgrading the appearance East policy he adopted as a overseas coverage 30 years ago.

It turned into unveiled after he got here to electricity in 1981 and now, as the premiere for the second one time, he has picked up the portions of his past and repackaged it.

His inclination to Japan then was understandable since the usa become the rising megastar of Asia.

despite the fact that look East included South Korea and Taiwan, it basically supposed Japan.


I think any Malaysian who has visited Japan can vouch for the people’s paintings ethic, honesty, orderliness, politeness, punctuality, cleanliness, precision, dedication to excellence, innovation a…

Russia's Dzagoev eyes knockout stage return

KHIMKI, Russia (Reuters) - Russia midfielder Alan Dzagoev, who injured his hamstring in the 5-0 win over Saudi Arabia in the global Cup's establishing in shape, is hoping to be healthy if his group reach the knockout stage.

Dzagoev, who left the pitch inside the twenty third minute against Saudi Arabia on Thursday, stated the news that he would possibly return for the last 16 got here as a "ray of mild".

"i'm hoping that i can nonetheless manage to play because they (medical doctors) stated that if we make it to the knockout degree, maybe I may be capable of play," stated the CSKA Moscow midfielder, who turned 28 on Sunday.

Dzagoev become in Russia's international Cup squad in 2014.

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Dzagoev will no longer trave…